VDrill 5.09 (5-19-2012)

Added the ability in the Field Options menu to select the option to use Quarter steps. Enabling this will show field sizes in quarters, such as 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, and 1.75.

VDrill 5.08 (11-1-2011)

Added adjustable field colors to the Field Options menu.
You can create, save, and delete different field color themes.

VDrill 5.07 (10-30-2011)

Added a 6-man field that is aligned to the front sideline of the standard field. This is available under the Field Options menu.

VDrill 5.06 (10-28-2011)

Added support for a 6-man 80yd by 40yd football field for Lee B.
You can now change field types under the Field Options menu.

VDrill 5.05 (7-28-2011)

Removed hashinfo.txt and vdrill_code.txt in place of
settings.xml. This new file provides the following new abilities:
1. If you resize the VDrill window the next time you open the
program is will change to that resolution.
2. If you save or open VDrill file, the next time you save
or open any file it will automatically start you at that last place.

VDrill 5.04 (1-20-2011)

Added Arc to Basic
Added Triangle to Basic

VDrill 5.02 (1-12-2011)

Added display of number of marchers to triangle tool
Added "Copy Segment(s)" to the "Edit" menu
Added "Paste Segment(s)" to the "Edit" menu

VDrill 5.0 (1-2-2011)

Pro: Added Reflect Up Tool
Pro: Added Reflect Down Tool
Pro: Added Arc Tool
Pro: Added Triangle Tool
Pro: Added Guided Curve Tool
Added Polygon Tool
Added Insert Set
Added Delete Set

VDrill 4.07 (8-08-2009)

Added the option "New Window" to the file menu in the Pro version to be able to open another window for the application.

VDrill 4.06 (7-21-2009)

Fixed a problem with the Snap to Grid tool not snapping to the 10 yard line on side 1.

VDrill 4.05 (2-12-2009)

Fixed a problem with the polygon tool not allowing different numbers of marchers on each line.

VDrill 4.03 (1-01-2009)

Pro 2009: Added the Polygon tool
Pro 2009: Added the Reflect Left tool
Pro 2009: Added the Reflect Right tool
Pro 2009: Added the ability to export a show to a Flash animation for the web
Added a splash screen for Java loading
Moved the build process to ANT for automation
Added a movable tools menu
Added an Online Tutorials menu that links the program to all of the online videos
Added options to the help menu to show how to reach Tech Support
Moved all export options into the File menu
Added a VDrill Wiki site that can be used as an online interactive manual for the program, which is also searchable
Added the ability to upgrade from any existing version of VDrill to VDrill Pro 2009 from the website, and to pay online and instantly receive the program and activation code

VDrill 3.21 (10-15-2008)

Rebuilt application to work with Java 1.5.

VDrill 3.20 (10-14-08)

Updated all windows to size correctly on Mac OS X Leopard.

VDrill 3.06 (8-24-07)

Changed the registration and activation process. You only need to enter one of the codes that came with the program to activate now.

VDrill 3.05 (8-18-07)

Changed the website and all services over to www.vdrillpro.net.

VDrill 3.04 (7-06-07)

Made the VDrill Helper available from the Help menu.
Gave the option to set the proxy configuration for schools that have firewalls that block external connections.

VDrill 3.03 (6-17-07)

Added the snap to grid tool for VDrill Pro users. This tool moves all selected marchers onto the nearest hash and yard line.

VDrill 3.02 (1-28-07)

To upgrade to the 3.0 series on Mac you must be running OS 10.4 or higher.
Several internal changes were made to improve program performance, and the installation and registration process was changed to allow for installation without registration.

VDrill Pro 2.17 (10-02-06)

Added the ability to compress VDR files to the VDZ format, see option File->Save and Compress for Emailing.
VDZ format files can be sent through email without email filters corrupting them.
VDZ files can be opened just like a regular VDR file using File->Open

VDrill Pro 2.15 (8-16-2006)

Added the ability to delete a marcher from the entire show.

VDrill Pro 2.13 (8-14-2006)

Added ability to insert sets.
Added ability to delete sets.
Added ability to shift all selected segments into the next set.
Added ability to shift all selected segments into the previous set.

VDrill Pro 1.02

This is a test of the self-patching feature.

VDrill Pro 1.01

The ability to save as show as a PDF file was added.