After selecting the marchers of a segment in the order that you want them to be in by clicking on them while holding the Alt key, press this button to implement that new order.
Note: This tool can be used on any segment, whether it is in the current set, previous set, or next set.
For example if you had a segment of 5 marchers where the order was from left to right:
external image 30.gif
If you wanted the order to be from right to left, you would hold the Alt key and click on the marchers from right to left:
external image 31.gif
Once you have selected all the marchers of this segment, press the external image change_order.GIF Change Order Tool button to implement that new order.
Note: The new order will not effect the motion of the segment that is moving to the segment that's order was just changed. The motion will only be changed between the segment that's order was just changed and the segment that it is moving to in the next set.
Example: If there are three sets where a segment of two marchers is created in set 1, floats to set 2, and from set 2 floats to set 3, and you change the order of the segment in set 2, the motion between set 1 and 2 will remain the same while the motion between set 2 and 3 will change.
external image ordernote.gif