Press this button after clicking on all adjacent marchers in a segment from first endpoint to last. This lets the program know which marchers are adjacent. Sequential order can be viewed by using the **Show Sequential Order Tool**.
Note: This tool is used automatically after grouping segments, and should only be used if the program was unable to determine the correct adjacent order of a segment.
For example if a segment is in the correct sequential order the endpoints should be labeled with "F" and "L". There should also be alternating green and blue lines between each marcher:
external image 37.gif
If for some reason the sequential order is wrong it might look something like this:
external image 38.gif
To get this segment in the correct sequential order you would click on all adjacent marchers from first endpoint to the last while holding the Alt key:
external image 39.gif external image 40.gif
Once all marchers of the segment have been selected press the external image define_sequential.GIF Define Sequential Order button. The segment will now look correct:
external image 37.gif