The Marching Field

At anytime on your screen you will be able to see the current set in black, the previous set in gray, and the next set in green (with the exception of when you are in the first and last sets).
external image field1.gif
The number of the current set will also be displayed in two places: the Navigation Menu and the Set Scroller.
external image nav_menu.gifexternal image scroller.gif
If you can see a segment on the screen you can select it by clicking on it, no matter what set it is in:
external image field2.gifexternal image field3.gifexternal image field4.GIF

Creating Marchers

Marchers are created in groups called segments. Segments can be created by using the many shapes tools:
  1. Reflect Left - Makes a mirror copy of the currently selected segment to the left of it.
  2. Reflect Right - Makes a mirror copy of the currently selected segment to the right of it.
  3. Block- Click 3 points on the field after selecting this tool and a block will be generated. Each corner can be dragged to adjust the block shape.
  4. Polygon- Click any number of points to create a shape, then choose the number of marchers to assign to each line.
  5. Circle- Click two points to be the radius of the circle.
  6. Line- Click on this button then two points on the field to make line that you can assign marchers to.
  7. Pencil- Click and drag the mouse across the field to create a shape. When the mouse button is released each red point can be adjusted by dragging it.
  8. Shift/Rotate/Change Interval to Next Set - Performs the specified operations on all selected segments and has the resulting changes become the movement to the next set.

Selecting Multiple Marchers

Multiple marchers can be selected by holding down the Alt key and clicking them with the mouse:
external image 1.gif external image 2.gif external image 3.gif
Selecting multiple marchers can be used in combination with several tools to accomplish such things such as changing the order of a segment or removing marchers from a segment.

Selecting Multiple Segments

Segments are groups of related marchers. Multiple segments can be selected by holding down the Alt key and clicking on any marcher within a segment with the mouse.
external image 4.gif external image 6.gif
Selecting multiple segments can be used in combination with several tools to accomplish things such as grouping multiple segments together, changing the step interval of several segments, or having a one segment move to another segment in the next set.

Dragging Entire Segments

A segment can be dragged by first selecting it by clicking on any marcher within it, and then holding down the Shift key and dragging the mouse. Multiple segments can also be dragged by selecting them as described in Selecting Multiple Segments and dragging them while holding the Shift key.

Dragging Individual Marchers

To drag an individual marcher select the marcher by clicking on it, and then drag the mouse while holding down the Ctrl key.

Animating Marchers

The motions of marchers within segments from set to set can be created by using the float tool. This is done by first selecting a segment, holding the Alt key, and then selecting another segment that is either in the previous set or the next set in relation to the first selected segment. Upon pressing the Float Tool button the segment in the lowest set regardless of the order in which it was selected will be animated to the segment in the next set.
external image 7.gif external image 8.gif
The tempo at which this animation occurs and the number of counts of the animation can be adjusted using Save Tempo and Save Counts buttons.