This tool makes all selected segments mark the specified amount of time after moving to the next set.
The amount to mark time for all selected segments is specified in the Mark Time Field and that mark time amount is done with the amount of time specified in the Counts to Next Set Field:
external image mark1.gif
For example if you had 2 sets where the segment in set 1 was already moving 16 counts to the segment in set 2, and you wanted the segment in set 1 to mark time for 4 of the 16 counts after moving to set 2 you would do the following:
1. Select the segment in set 1
external image mark2.gif
2. Enter 4 in the Mark Time Field:
external image mark3.gif
3. Press the external image mark_after.GIF Mark Time After Moving Tool button
The segment in set 1 will now mark time for 4 counts after moving 12 counts to the segment in set 2 for a total of 16 counts.

More Information:
This tool can be used on a segment before that segment has been animated to the next set. In this case once the Float Tool is used on that segment the mark time will be seen when animating the show.
Warning: Changing the number of counts in a set using the Save Counts to Next Set Tool will erase all saved mark times in that set. This is done to prevent segments from having mark time values greater than the number of counts in a set.