The triangle tool is used to make a triangle formation for marchers, for which there are two types of triangles:
  • Grid
  • Diagonal

Example Grid Formation:

Example Diagonal Formation:

1. To use the triangle tool, press the Triangle Tool button in the operation menu.

2. Next click three points on the field, which will form the three corners of the triangle. Doing this will result in the triangle outline being drawn along with the Triangle Tool menu being displayed.

3. Adjust your triangle in the following ways:
  • Switch between "Grid Layout" and "Diagonal Layout"
  • Change the number of rows in the form
  • Click and drag the 3 original corners of the triangle to re-shape it

Any changes you make will instantly appear on the triangle.


4. When you are done press the "Assign Marchers" button, and marchers will be assigned to the red blocks.